Wanted, 2016.

Azzaro Wanted

WANTED. The famous American western sign, where villains were "portrayed" on a piece of paper with an inherent monetary reward, gained a new meaning: desire.
Lemon, Ginger, Juniper and Bean Tonka are those four ingredients that perfectly result in a perfume, no doubt. The WANTED of Azzaro comes with the complete pack, to which Vetiver joins and Cardamom; a gentle fragrance, with a distinctive scent and at the same time, with a je ne sais quoi male.
One of the absolutely fascinating details of this perfume is the ambiguity of meanings between the WANTED of western Americans and the WANTED of desire. This dichotomy is accentuated by the fact that the flask is clearly the evocation of the cartridge (?) Bullets of the revolvers of the 19th and early 20th century, with very interesting reliefs in the coating of "bullets".


  • José Cândido
    José Cândido
    | Excellent |
    September 2017

    One of the best perfumes of 2016, in my opinion. I understand those who see this bottle as violent and subversive, but in my case, I do not see it as such. My view of "Wanted" exalts the seductive and mysterious side of the man, which turns out to be "spicy" at times but never under any circumstances violent. I love this perfume!

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