Terre d'Hermés, 2006.

Terre d' Hermés

Terre d'Hermes's remarkable case has become a benchmark of contemporary perfumery and a predictable sales success in Portugal and, I think, a bit worldwide.
The top notes, dominated by chords of citrus, allow an immediate connection with nature but, unlike the great majority of fragrances (especially the feminine ones), the second wave, of the bottom notes and of heart, is constituted by chords pepper, cedar and vetiver. At the end remains a strong, intense, earthy and robust smell. A scent of man!


  • José Cândido
    | Excellent |
    August 2017

    For any man. This is my recommendation of perfume for any man. A perfume that exalts, curiously, the wildest and primitive side of the human being. A fragrance "from the earth" that transports me to my adolescence and therefore has a magical effect on me!

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