Michael Kors

Sexy Ruby, 2017.

Michael Kors Sexy Ruby perfume review

A scent of a brand that, in many ways, is a star, a light and a source of inspiration for many other brands. In 2017 "Michael Kors" brings us his latest creation - sexy ruby - that seeks to associate jewelry and precious stones with the delicacy and sensuality of women. The concept is not new, far from it, but here it materializes in a very specific stone: the incarnated ruby, very showy and, above all, very attractive.


  • José Cândido
    | Bad |
    February 2018

    A concept that, honestly, tells me very little. The whole conceptualization of a ruby in perfume seems to me to be at least crude. It is a color that does not attract (the packaging is too matte and the bottle is too bright) in a bottle that is little organic and too shredded. The fragrance comes, in my opinion, some 30 years late.

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