Hugo Boss

The Scent for Her, 2016.

Boss the Scent for Her

The Scent for Her is meant to be the feminine version of the successful The Scent for Him , launched in 2015, appealing to the elegant and delicate side of woman> Hugo Boss that combines with her freshness and joviality.
The combination of elements as hot as Cacao with fresh shades like Freesia creates a very simple fragrance that can reach many consumers by being very balanced.


  • José Cândido
    | Good |
    August 2017

    A perfume that sets the challenge of seeking to be the signature of the woman "Hugo Boss" and, in my opinion, is a little below that goal. A graceful and very subtle bottle. A fragrance too sweet and not lasting. I only consider "The Scent For Her" as a summer fragrance.

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