Nina Ricci

Nina , 2006.

Nina perfume

The original "Nina" comes from the late 80's, when Nina Ricci starts to gain momentum in the perfume media after the great success of "L'Air du Temps" in the 50's. The XXIth century brought new challenges for this brand, namely, keeping the pace of other commercial brands that were focused on frequent releases and younger consumers.
"Nina" is the very first hit of this era to "Nina Ricci". The forbidden apple (very similar to Be Delicious) with Floral and Fruity accords was immediately accepted and embraced by teenagers and young ladies.


  • José Cândido
    José Cândido
    | Good |
    Febraury 2018

    "Nina" is, to me, a great example of how a brand can re-invent itself to create a fresh and clean image. One can argue that it is a mimesis of all strong assets of previous perfumes (a good bottle that comes from DKNY) and Floral Fruity fragrances were on the top sales back in the beginning of this century. I love, though, the Cedar and Datura elements here because they deploy a certain volume to this fragrance giving it a strong and long-lasting presence.

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