Mon Paris, 2016.

YSL Mon Paris perfume review

"Mon Paris" is an intense perfume for charismatic women with strong tastes and determined personality. It is unquestionably an excellent interpretation of the concept and of what represents the city of Paris which means so many ideas, sensations, emotions and, above all, so much history and symbolism that it becomes almost impossible to "liquidify" the city and lock it in a bottle.
The perfume itself starts by presenting very distinct fruity chords (pear and strawberry for example) but which result in a curious and very soft harmony. When "settling", the fragrance awakens floral chords that intensify the aroma with a very YveSaintLauren style. The heart notes are no more than a set of substrates that will intensify the previous chords in a strong and intense final product.


  • José Cândido
    | Moderate |
    September 2017

    All fragrances have an accord that stands out. In the case of "Mon Paris" is the Raspberry. In my opinion it is one of the most difficult ingredients to use in perfumery because, as in this case, it easily makes the perfume sickening given its intensity and above all because it is not opposite to an equally strong and bitter taste.

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