Mon Guerlain, 2017.

Mon Guerlain

"Mon Guerlain" has a pleasant yet intense fragrance, perhaps due to the presence of vanilla (according to the brand it is Tahunan Vanilla) in the same composition as Jasmine Sambac. On the other hand the use of Lavender and Sandalwood is, in this case, very well thought out and framed. The bottle of "Mon Guerlain" recovers the characteristic halo of this mark, but this time, used in a discrete way (on the lid) giving the object a lightness and simplicity very Art Nouveau .


  • José Cândido
    José Cândido
    | Very Good |
    September 2017

    Finally! For Guerlain fans this must have been the Mon Guerlain release is a sigh. After the breakthrough success of "Petit Robe Noire" I was waiting for a novelty of Mrs. de Guerlain to come to put this brand and its perfumes in my memory. I love the fragrance but above all I love the concept. This is my Guerlain too!