Modern Princess, 2017.

Modern Princess

The association of this perfume with the Snow White, for example, is obvious. Just see the ad! A woman who, on the one hand, is a princess who is allowed to meet by a prince in her bed and whose union is sealed by a kiss, is the same princess who, before that moment, lives with the most brutal and savage nature of being human being, becoming a secret agent and a femme fatale, perhaps, whose mission is ... to save the world. It is in this almost typically feminine duality that the Modern Princess stands. The fragrance is a seductive combination of intense fruity elements - Red Currant and ... Red Apple - with various aromatic flowers such as Freesia, Vanilla Orchid and Jasmine.


  • José Cândido
    José Cândido
    | Very Good |
    October 2017

    A good fragrance does not make a good perfume as a good story does not create an excellent fragrance. There is some magical, transcendent, metaphysical, and supernatural phenomenon associated with perfumes; they play with our emotions and carry us, often, to a level of fantasy and myth. This is the case of the Modern Princess .

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