J'Adore, 1999.

J'Adore perfume

"J'Adore" is one of those iconic perfumes of the 90s and that for many reasons has remained a sales hit and a must-have for many young women over the course of almost 30 years of existence. It is an opulent fragrance, "glamorous" and full of charm but, at the same time, does not lose its fresh character and, in a way, a summer fragrance due to the citrus orchestra in the Top Notes. The bottle, for its part, is a clear allusion to the Greek amphoras and the classicism they represent.


  • José Cândido
    | Very Good |
    August 2017

    A scent that all women, regardless of age, should express. I do not consider it to be a perfume that marks a generation but undoubtedly brings together a fan club very interesting to me given its double character of day-to-day fragrance and summer fragrance. It is not, at all, one of my perfumes elected.

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