Goldea The Roman Night, 2017.

Bulgari Goldea The Roman Night Perfume

The third of Bvlgari's "Goldea" series arrives in September 2017 as a scent that sways between a winter classic and an eau de nuit . A Floral Cyprus that features a combination of ingredients such as Blackberry, Vetiver and Black Musk.


  • José Cândido
    | Good |
    February 2018

    "Goldea" are perhaps the only feminine perfumes of Bvlgari for which I feel some appeal. I confess, too, that neither the first "Goldea" nor the "Rose Goldea" have been styled as typically feminine fragrances that I would recommend immediately. Maybe it's the jar that does not impress me. Already the fragrance of "Goldea the Roman Night" is absolutely fantastic and I would recommend it as an eau de nuit for more mature women!

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