Antiga Barbearia do Bairro, 2017.

Perfume Chiado

In his previous article on "Chiado no Chiado" , José Cândido explains the generator concept of this perfume: a Chiado revivalism that goes from the intense discussions from the second half of the nineteenth century Literary Romantism poets to the poems of the Modernists Fernando Pessoa and Bocage in the twentieth century. One of the great inspirations of this perfume is also the Portuguese sidewalk and, in particular, the pattern of "rosettes" on the floor of the Chiado area.
The fragrance is a Spicy Wood which, somewhat adrift from the Boss Bottled or from Azzaro Wanted , has a markedly floral beginning but is quickly conquered by the weight and volume of a Heart Notes Orchestra.


  • José Cândido
    | Good |
    October 2017

    The narrative of the "Chiado" is very interesting: it begins with a slightly different freshness thanks to the use of the Basil together with the Galbanum; later we move on to a denser area, with the arrival of chords like Tobacco, Cedar and Sandalwood, culminating, practically, with the arrival of Patchoulli, this ingredient full of charm, Vetiver and Musk. It is undoubtedly a story of "modernist" revivalism that is becoming as rich as it is dense.

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