Carolina Herrera

CH Privée , 2018.

CH Privé for Her

How can Leather elements can be feminine? The challenge imposed to Carolina Herrera to re-create the successfull CH Men Prive was, at least, tremendous. To create the female version of this perfume would require to design a perfectly delicate-shaped bottle with leather and filling it with a smooth, soft and refined fragrance that was mainly leather.
The fragrance is a simplistic orchestra of strong elements: Leather, Patchoulli, Vanilla and Osmanthus. The end product: CH Prive.


  • José Cândido
    José Cândido
    | Good |
    Febraury 2018

    I was excited to see how a Leather female scent was produced. The bottle seems promising some of the most interesting olfactory experiences and, guess what, it is amazing! It is like smelling a recently bought pouch without the artificial tang. Piety, though, the endurance of this fragrance is very weak.