Hugo Boss

Boss Bottled, 1998.


The '90s produced some of the best perfumes of all times, the ones that now - two decades later, are still considered as iconic classic. The "Boss Bottled" is one of the cases - a top male fragrance winning the first places of sales over several years.
The formula consists of combining three elements: woods, citrus, and spices. Not all men like each of these tonalities but the vast majority are attracted to the combination of chords like Cedar, Sandalwood, Cinnamon, Vanilla, Bergamot, and Lemon. The "Boss Bottled" is one of the rare perfumes that manage to magically balance these seemingly antagonistic "forces".


  • José Cândido
    | Excellent|
    23 August 2017

    A perfume that is always in the first places of sales cannot be, certainly, any perfume. For the most distracted or the most indecisive, this is an excellent perfume to offer an adult man, in my opinion. It is a strong fragrance with wood ingredients very well framed with this mostly spiced tone.

  • Gatis Plavins
    | Classic|
    14 December 2017

    4 in 1 or all seasons in a bottle! A dinosaur, an iconic classic, and bestseller of Hugo Boss house. Definitely, a safe choice for a man who doesn't want to experiment much and keep several fragrances on a shelf for different seasons and occasions, but prefers stability and elegance.

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