Aqva Atlantiqve, 2017.

Aqva Atlantiqve is the next chapter of the Aqvas colection from Bvlgari. It is a pleasant summer "eau de cologne" with some citric and aquatic accords that are well balanced and where Sage, for example, is nicely introduced. A soft fragrance that can be dressed as a "summer cologne".
In the bottle and the package a deep oceanic blue prevails. The commercial, though being formally and visually very similar to Aqua di Gio, represents the ascent of a man from the ocean that, after swimming his way out, conquers the sea and is now a hero.


  • José Cândido
    | Excellent |
    September 2017

    The leading concept of this perfume is, after all, to create a summer fragrance that was "deeper" than the other Aqvas. Personally I would place it as the better Aqva so far; I loved the blue colored package and bottle because it reflects the concept. For me it is pure aesthetic pleasure. See how water smells like!

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